Massage Therapist

Vicki Ferguson BS, MAA, LMT, BCTMB


Vicki is a nationally certified licensed massage therapist, practicing full-time since 2003. She is licensed in MD, DC and DE. Her training and experience build on traditional Swedish and deep-tissue massage as well as myofascial release with orthopedic and rehabilitative techniques to address specific musculoskeletal and joint mobility, post-surgical recovery concerns, and general stress reduction. Vicki integrates lymph drainage therapy and Craniosacral therapy as supportive strategies for clients with systemic disorders involving immune and inflammatory issues, oncology care, peripheral neuropathy, PTSD, post-concussion, TBI, and other neurological concerns.

Personal Statement:

I am an educator, social scientist, activist, and health care professional with international and domestic experiences spanning more than 3 decades. I am committed to providing culturally sensitive and individualized therapeutic massage, bodywork, and energy work services in support of your personal health goals. My purpose is to reduce pain and suffering, improve healthy functioning, and enhance general well-being.